First post in 2015… after more than a week of slacking off. Hehehe!


2014 has been an amazing year. Of course, with it’s ups and downs. But I am glad that I have my girls, my usual circle around me. My best friend, my Clingy Friends, my girls aka Kekasih Gelap and H. Meeting the wrong people is such a pain but it’s a lesson in disguise. And I am glad that things have fell in their right places so far. ❤

I am currently… well… not doing anything. I am waiting for an actual diploma in my hand (although technically I am done with school), waiting for either a job or offer letter to continue my degree. I’m quite a mess now but hey! 2015! New challenges ahead. So excited to know what 2015 has to offer.

I have 15 food and makeup posts waiting on my drafts (but I am 80 per cent sure that I will NOT write them) so for now, I will just write my 2015 food posts, so please bear with me hahaha! As for make up posts, I am trying to organize them so I can prepare one post for each brand, or probably just my favorites. Again, PLEASE, bear with me.

Anyways, don’t hesitate to contact me (link on top) for business enquiries and what not.



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