Belluno Café

To kick start my new year… despite my (usual) resolutions of (trying) to get fit and lose weight, finally visited Belluno Café. It is located in Kiarong, same building with Fleur de lys.IMG_1033

I kinda like the space and the environment. But they were lacking manpower when we visited, with only two people taking orders and tons of patrons present. But our food didn’t take too long, so yeah, no complains.

Price range is quite on the fancy side (probably like High Frequency’s) although not overpriced. I love my pasta and my sister’s panini was lovely too. I think I will drop by again for more hi-teas here.



I went there with my sister (one of my usual food buddies!) last weekend.



Ok fine, here’s the food photos you’ve been waiting for, lol!

I had Banana Nana – banana smoothies – nothing fancy. I love bananas ❤ haha



Salmon in Tomato Cream – I was expecting it to be red but noooo hahaha! It was quite nice but I usually prefer Spaghetti or Fettucini but this ain’t bad.

Sister had the Pepperoni Melt. Loooove it. I will come back for this. I will!


But of course, it will be incomplete without the mochi. I had Chocolate Fudge while sister had the Choco Banana.


Overall, I like this place, the food we tried were nice. I will come back for other food, definitely.


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