Foodpanda – Happiness in one app

I’ve posted two reviews before – here and here. Here’s another post as an update – as the previous ones were my experiences when they first opened in Brunei.

Finally got the chance to order again. Wanted to order from my house but I was at my friend’s and we were very hungry, so we might as well used foodpanda. Oh yes, I can now order from my area – there are quite a lot of restaurants available here now so yay! Kudos guys! And not only that, even those in Seria has more choices to choose from now!

So! This time I used foodpanda to order our lunch… AND dinner (because we were too busy… singing… on Ziqah’s karaoke machine lol! so we almost forgot to have our dinner). Probably our last for now. Oh my god I am starting my internship next week!

You can either use their website – – or their app available on Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Phone Store.

I love the app a lot. This was my first time ordering from the app (previously I used their website).

Why I love the app and foodpanda?

  • I think this is much easier as it saves me the hassle of having to go on my pc and whatnot. Ordering food is now as easy as 1-2-3 (eseh!)
  • Everything in the app is straight forward – just follow the instructions and walaaa you’re done. Super user friendly. As someone who dealt with Android programming before, I can tell you that it is not easy to create an app as user friendly as possible.
  • It takes you less than 5-10min to order (minus time to think of what to eat.. I could go on for hours if I were to think of what to eat)
  • Saves you the trouble of going out for lunch, or perhaps dinner, or whenever you are stuck in the office for meetings (like Ummi, who woke me up early in the morning to help her with the website… gosh, read my blog, woman! hahaha)
  • Or if you need emergency food.. for days when you forget that you’re having potluck for lunch at the office, or simply because you’re hungry
  • There are more restaurants partnering with them now = more choices for you
  • Friendly staff – the same person sent our food during lunch and dinner lol! She was so nice and friendly!


There are over 40 restaurants to choose from, for Rimba area. So we were stuck with which restaurants to choose and having to be patient with our grumbling tummy.


Until I saw Taty’s Café! OH MY GOD. How did I not know this? I’m a little addicted to their Rock n Roll burger ever since Kareshi brought me over during one of our dates. So I convinced the girls to get Taty’s hehehe!

You’ll be shown the menu once you click the restaurant’s name. And everything is categorized accordingly – smart! It makes it easier for you to choose whether you want burgers or rice or set meals.


Here’s how I ordered my favorite burger (aka how you should try ordering my most recommended burger! Yay to PB and Jam in a burger) :

Choose the dish you want to order, select add-ons if available, select the quantity and click “Add to Basket”.


When you’re done choosing, click “Basket”. You can see a lost of food you ordered, edit if necessary.


If you have a voucher to redeem, you’ll do it once you click “Place Order”. You’ll be directed to a page where you can add the voucher code and if you have not registered or logged in yet, you may do so on the page.


Once you’re done, you’ll be directed to the following page and a verification code will be sent to you via SMS. We were stuck at first.. where to fill the verification code? Last time, when we ordered via website, there was a page specific for that. A minute after that we received a pandacall~ asking if we received the code and that our order has been accepted and is currently being processed. So sit back and relax.


I was expecting it to reach in an hour like previously – but it reached us in 40 min!


We were happy kids all over again! Until… we remembered we needed dinner.

So we ordered again. Again, same method! But we went for Excapade. I know right! Excapade is on the list too! Happiness in one app!


I’m sorry, I was a little hungry so I couldn’t do pretty flat lay food photo LOL! And the lighting was definitely NOT on my side.

Oh if you ordered from foodpanda, don’t forget to enter their Instagram contest!! The grand prize is a GoPro 4! Simply do it by snapping your photo that was delivered by foodpanda (along with the brochure given), post it on your Instagram. Don’t forget to follow and tag @foodpandabrunei and hashtags #FPsnapandshare #(restaurant’s name).

I will try to schedule my travel logs in Medan as soon as possible! Been a little busy being a couch potato and now I need to prepare with waking up so early in the morning. It’s been a nice 4 months being a potato. Bye bed. I’ll miss you the most.


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