What do you mean it’s already April??

And I thought 2015 have just started??

So, first and foremost, AMPUN! I’m terribly sorry for not updating on my Medan trip. I am very occupied.. what? With what?

Well, the thing is.. I.. GOT A JOB! Well, it’s an internship but still! I am currently under CAMP Program in BSDC – trained under Microsoft. How amazing is that? So yep. I’ll be stuck in Brunei till I graduate from CAMP. (And I am still waiting for my ITB graduation…)

We’re asked to maintain a work-blog so here’s mine: http://syahirahyakob.wordpress.com

10428716_10152899277498095_7339896534815702378_n(and here’s a photo of me in case you girls have forgotten how I look like)

So that is update Numero Uno.

What else?

Oh, update number two.. I have finally received my developed films!

IMG_0021Update number 3..

Good news: I have spent lesser on make-up. Bad news: I found a new addiction.

I have always kept a diary/planner ever since I was trained in high school. Back in A Level, I had to hunt for my own planner since they didn’t provide us one. I tried making my planner as colourful and beautiful as I can but oh dear I am no where near creative. Everyone also knows I love hoarding novels, notebooks and sticky notes. Combine sticky notes and planner together, what will you get? The first step of being a planner addict. So this year I started buying more stickers, sticky notes, pens and.. WASHI TAPES. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this earlier? Oh my god. I now have stashes of washi tapes (and more coming). And DecoRush tapes! SO. CUTE.

Wait hold on.. what is Miiksy babbling about? Let me cut this short.

Girls (and guys?), I am officially a PLANNER ADDICT. There I said it. I try not to post too much of my planner stuff on my personal IG so if you’re interested, follow me on @bwnplanneraddict


I think that’s all I have to update.

Oh food posts.. do I owe anyone any post?

Anyway, till then.



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