So, it’s been.. 5 days since I turned 21.

20th had been such a crazy ride. But Alhamdulillah, I managed to pass my HND, I became one of Bill Gates’ minions, I met my boyfriend, I got offers to do food-blogging. It was an amazing year!

While I spent my 20th birthday washing my car and buying my own cake, this year was different. Lol!

So, I received a call from someone who insisted that I shopped from them and asked them to send it to my office (and being me, I tend to lose track of what I ordered online). It turned out to be Sweet Sorpresa (a service which helps people to surprise their loved ones). Boyfriend was behind the surprise! Nevertheless, I was a happy kid. Balloons, chocolates, cake! Thank you so much love ❤ (nasib belawa lol!)

surpriseAnd thank you to everyone who greeted me, and those who got me presents as well. Thank you so much! Here’s to more crazy rides ahead, insyaAllah.


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