‘Tis the time

I know! I’ve been so occupied with work I barely got time for myself. I will try finishing up my long overdue travel post.. someday lol

It’s December, a couple of weeks to go before 2016 starts. No, no “new year new me” kind of thing but yes, my resolutions remain the same (every. single. year). Except that I’ve added a couple more things.

As usual – lose weight, save more cash and blog more.

I would also like to..

1. Start taking my business seriously. One of my 2015 achievements was that I have officially registered my business. No physical store yet but I am currently renting in a vendor-concept store in Jerudong (more info on @summerkissbn).

2. Take web development seriously. Currently I am half way through being an MCSD (a.k.a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer). I have two SharePoint training left to go for. Need. to. stop. wasting. my. time. LOL

3. Either get a proper career or continue getting a Degree.

Well, so far, that’s all I got. Oh! I also need to make sure I will stick to this new hobby of mine. Currently I am maintaining a hobby-based Instagram called @bwnplanneraddict . Yes ya’ll. I’ve finally take my planning hobby to the next (a little bit more expensive) side. I guess the lack of people with interest in film photography has stopped me (also because places to develop films are now limited (to two. or three).

I haven’t done any other make-up hauls – just occasionally and it’s mostly up on my personal IG. So, expect more craft-related posts starting next year on wards. planner1.PNG

So far, I’m maintaining only one BUT I have 3 planners for next year. But this shall go to a separate post.

As for food blog posts.. I have finally invested on a much-worthy camera phone. Of course iPhone still takes awesome photos. But I also bought a Lenovo Vibe Shot. So we’ll see how this goes. I’ve been having my lunch in the office lately, cooking my own (very bland) meal. Which has made me appreciate chefs more haha! It’s so hard to make good food man. Love alone will not make your food yummy!

I guess that’s all for now.. I’ll see you on my next post?


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