#MiiksySemBreakProject 2 – Study Planner

I have also created a Study Planner, inspired by Korean students who religiously update their study planner (check them out on Instagram #studyplanner #공스타그램)

I did a few layout for me to test during the first few months in order for me to see which layout works for me.

The first layout is very simple. All I need to do is just highlight the time accordingly, marking the time where I have classes or revision and what not.

Second layout is more structured. I included timetable and submission for the day, as well as time schedule divided into 10 minutes per slot.

The last three layouts are based on Doubledex, Spiraldex and Chronodex.

It is quite hard for me to explain now how this will be used but I will surely post (on IG, if not here) on how I use these planners.

I am SO excited for school! Oh I also received my Semester 1 result last Saturday and I excelled with flying colours Alhamdulillah 😀

Till then


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