#MiiksyCooks Popcorn Chicken

So I cooked some popcorn chicken yesterday for a customer’s order. Same as the previous post, I cannot reveal my hot sauce recipe but I can show you how easy it is to make a simple popcorn chicken. 

I started with about 700g of boneless chicken breast. I removed the skin and fats, and then diced them. I coat each pieces of the diced chicken with eggs. Here, I used 2 eggs – whisked well. Similar as the wings, I used Nona’s Kentucky Hot and Spicy Flour to coat them and let it sit for 5 minutes. 

Heat up your frying pan or pot, whichever you use for deep frying with some cooking oil. Fry until they are golden brown and crispy. Remove from heat and let it cool a little bit before combining it with your sauce. 

These are the ones I packed for my customer – with four different sauces:


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