#MiiksyCooks Sambal Sausage 

Trust me, it’s not weird! My mama made some a few months back and I wanted to try it on my own. My attempt was almost successful except the fact that it was a little dry so mama added a little bit more oil and re-fried it. #sayabudakbarubelajar

Sausages – I also used crab stick and fish balls – no specific amount used1 Onion – sliced
1 tbsp bawang kisar / blended onion and garlic
3-4 tbsp lada kisar / blended chili
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp serbuk kunyit / tumeric powder
Vegetable Oil – probably around 3-4 tbsp depending on the amount of processed food you are using

  1. Heat pan with some oil. Add onion and cook until translucent
  2. Add in bawang kisar, lada kisar, salt and tumeric powder and cook until you can smell the aroma (or until pecah minyak)
  3. Add in the yummy processed food and stir until it is fully covered

To try in the future: reduce the amount of lada kisar to 3 tbsp, add in a tbsp of Maggi Chili Sauce, a tbsp of Singapore Chili Sauce (the one with white cap) and a tbsp of tomato sauce


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