Foodpanda – Happiness in one app

I’ve posted two reviews before – here and here. Here’s another post as an update – as the previous ones were my experiences when they first opened in Brunei.

Finally got the chance to order again. Wanted to order from my house but I was at my friend’s and we were very hungry, so we might as well used foodpanda. Oh yes, I can now order from my area – there are quite a lot of restaurants available here now so yay! Kudos guys! And not only that, even those in Seria has more choices to choose from now!

So! This time I used foodpanda to order our lunch… AND dinner (because we were too busy… singing… on Ziqah’s karaoke machine lol! so we almost forgot to have our dinner). Probably our last for now. Oh my god I am starting my internship next week!

You can either use their website – – or their app available on Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Phone Store.

I love the app a lot. This was my first time ordering from the app (previously I used their website).

Why I love the app and foodpanda?

  • I think this is much easier as it saves me the hassle of having to go on my pc and whatnot. Ordering food is now as easy as 1-2-3 (eseh!)
  • Everything in the app is straight forward – just follow the instructions and walaaa you’re done. Super user friendly. As someone who dealt with Android programming before, I can tell you that it is not easy to create an app as user friendly as possible.
  • It takes you less than 5-10min to order (minus time to think of what to eat.. I could go on for hours if I were to think of what to eat)
  • Saves you the trouble of going out for lunch, or perhaps dinner, or whenever you are stuck in the office for meetings (like Ummi, who woke me up early in the morning to help her with the website… gosh, read my blog, woman! hahaha)
  • Or if you need emergency food.. for days when you forget that you’re having potluck for lunch at the office, or simply because you’re hungry
  • There are more restaurants partnering with them now = more choices for you
  • Friendly staff – the same person sent our food during lunch and dinner lol! She was so nice and friendly!


There are over 40 restaurants to choose from, for Rimba area. So we were stuck with which restaurants to choose and having to be patient with our grumbling tummy.


Until I saw Taty’s Café! OH MY GOD. How did I not know this? I’m a little addicted to their Rock n Roll burger ever since Kareshi brought me over during one of our dates. So I convinced the girls to get Taty’s hehehe!

You’ll be shown the menu once you click the restaurant’s name. And everything is categorized accordingly – smart! It makes it easier for you to choose whether you want burgers or rice or set meals.


Here’s how I ordered my favorite burger (aka how you should try ordering my most recommended burger! Yay to PB and Jam in a burger) :

Choose the dish you want to order, select add-ons if available, select the quantity and click “Add to Basket”.


When you’re done choosing, click “Basket”. You can see a lost of food you ordered, edit if necessary.


If you have a voucher to redeem, you’ll do it once you click “Place Order”. You’ll be directed to a page where you can add the voucher code and if you have not registered or logged in yet, you may do so on the page.


Once you’re done, you’ll be directed to the following page and a verification code will be sent to you via SMS. We were stuck at first.. where to fill the verification code? Last time, when we ordered via website, there was a page specific for that. A minute after that we received a pandacall~ asking if we received the code and that our order has been accepted and is currently being processed. So sit back and relax.


I was expecting it to reach in an hour like previously – but it reached us in 40 min!


We were happy kids all over again! Until… we remembered we needed dinner.

So we ordered again. Again, same method! But we went for Excapade. I know right! Excapade is on the list too! Happiness in one app!


I’m sorry, I was a little hungry so I couldn’t do pretty flat lay food photo LOL! And the lighting was definitely NOT on my side.

Oh if you ordered from foodpanda, don’t forget to enter their Instagram contest!! The grand prize is a GoPro 4! Simply do it by snapping your photo that was delivered by foodpanda (along with the brochure given), post it on your Instagram. Don’t forget to follow and tag @foodpandabrunei and hashtags #FPsnapandshare #(restaurant’s name).

I will try to schedule my travel logs in Medan as soon as possible! Been a little busy being a couch potato and now I need to prepare with waking up so early in the morning. It’s been a nice 4 months being a potato. Bye bed. I’ll miss you the most.


Flap Jack on a Sunday Morning

Miiksy and morning do not go well together. Seriously, who wakes up in the morning?! But for the love of food, I woke up and had brunch with sister.

It was my first visit to Flap Jack..Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLocation: Behind The Arch Gadong
Address: No 6 Spg 235 Jln Pasar Gadong Kg Kiarong
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 7am-10pm, Friday 7am-12pm and 2pm-11pm, Saturday 7am-11pm and Sunday 8am-3pm.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetSadly I don’t remember some of the names.. heh. Nope. I don’t function well early in the morning.

IMG_2188For starter we had Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bruschetta (B5.50)

IMG_2197I had the Breakky Crepe (B4.90) – Fried Egg and Beef Rasher with Sliced Tomato wrapped in crepe and hashbrown on the side. It comes with hot drink. Not bad but I will go for something heavier next time (and the photo on the menu actually showed two… ok fine, for illustration purposes only. Duh hahah!)

IMG_2199Sister had this (which I have totally forgotten its name!) but it’s made up of pancake and probably chicken (was it?) and topped with egg benedict (which was pretty much cooked. It should be.. liquidy, no?)
IMG_2200Nevertheless, it’s a nice place and they offer affordable breakfast (like mine) at B4.90. Shall give it another try next time.

Peppermint Café

Finally! Another #ClingyFriends outing. The last time was before I got busy with my final year project.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThis time, we had our hi-tea/late lunch at the newly-opened Peppermint Café which is located nearby PCSB Beribi/Starbucks Drive Thru.


Full address:
Unit 14, Block A,Ground Floor, Spg 493,
Beribi, Gadong.

Their opening hours:
Tues-Thurs and Sat-Sunday – 8:30am-9:30pm
Friday 2:30pm-9.30pm.

So! Environment was nice, again, instagram worthy (yay to #ootd there!). Price wise is normal cafe rates. Food were GOOD. Here’s a little sneak peak of their menu..

IMG_2059 IMG_2061IMG_2060I love, love, love the walls. Well, I love cafes with really cute walls (that looks like it came out from Typo lol). So good for my ootd or new profile pic (ugh you guys should know me by now!)IMG_2062  IMG_2064I had the chocolate mint shake – which tastes like chocomint ice cream. Yums!
IMG_2065And of course, I ordered a Cheese Lover Pizza – consists of mozarella, parmesan and cheddar cheese (B$13.90). I love thin pizzas, I could finish the whole thing by myself if I were not full. This one is quite nice while it is still hot.
IMG_2066Ummi ordered the Peppermint’s wings (B$6.90) (and I swear I would order the Lot of the Wings.. if only there’s more people with us.) Nothing fancy though but it was nice.
IMG_2068And here comes my favorite – Grilled Chicken (B$8.90). I asked for the one with mushroom sauce – you have choices of black pepper, mushroom or onion gravy. It tastes just like McD’s GCB but juicier and tastier! Man, I’m drooling just thinking about it. I really want some right now. It’s so, so, so good! 10 out of 10 from me. Okay, I might be a little exaggerating but you gotta try this. Approved by this chicken lover.
IMG_2069Ummi ordered the Bolognese (B$8.90). Didn’t try this though.
IMG_2071 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOverall – it was nice. Another hangout place approved by miiksy. Shall drop by again soon for the chicken. Yums!

Belluno Café

To kick start my new year… despite my (usual) resolutions of (trying) to get fit and lose weight, finally visited Belluno Café. It is located in Kiarong, same building with Fleur de lys.IMG_1033

I kinda like the space and the environment. But they were lacking manpower when we visited, with only two people taking orders and tons of patrons present. But our food didn’t take too long, so yeah, no complains.

Price range is quite on the fancy side (probably like High Frequency’s) although not overpriced. I love my pasta and my sister’s panini was lovely too. I think I will drop by again for more hi-teas here.



I went there with my sister (one of my usual food buddies!) last weekend.



Ok fine, here’s the food photos you’ve been waiting for, lol!

I had Banana Nana – banana smoothies – nothing fancy. I love bananas ❤ haha



Salmon in Tomato Cream – I was expecting it to be red but noooo hahaha! It was quite nice but I usually prefer Spaghetti or Fettucini but this ain’t bad.

Sister had the Pepperoni Melt. Loooove it. I will come back for this. I will!


But of course, it will be incomplete without the mochi. I had Chocolate Fudge while sister had the Choco Banana.


Overall, I like this place, the food we tried were nice. I will come back for other food, definitely.

LDR at its best

note: scheduled post

So Lynnie made a surprise visit last month. That one day, she text us asking when all four of us are free. Turned out she was around! So we set up a date with her and had our lunch AND hi-tea at Ricebowl. We ended up spending hours just talking and trying to keep up with each other.

While I’ve met her the month (or a couple of months) before that, the rest had not seen her in three years. So it was such a great time to have all my girls together.



Lyn’s Teh Tarik and my Hot Pancake (which was nice but one of the pancakes still had raw batter in it)



My usual Corned Beef Kway Teow (BND5)







foodpanda – First Purchase!

Hi ya’ll!

I’m finally having my semester break – one week only though 😦 I was busy during the weekend as we had wedding event at my house for two days straight so I ended up having two days of hibernation although I had to work in the evening.. Hm.

So I’m back on track with my team members, handling our final year project – wish us luck! 😥

We decided to do our meeting at Pichan’s place in Tungku, and since foodpanda is still not available in my area, I decided to give it a try at her house. Oh please add some restaurants for my area, there’s quite a lot of dining places nearby.


Wanted to use the mobile app but there was some error so second option – use their website which is

Last time I posted on how to use their app, this time I’ll show you how to order from their website 🙂

First! Open their link. Enter your city and location.


They will show you a list of restaurants that are available in your area.fp2

We chose Burger King – yum!fp3

Choose your meal. Click Add.fp4

For example, I chose BK Double Turkey Bacon. After I clicked Add, a pop-up window appeared asking whether I want to upgrade my meal and to choose my drink. Click Continue.fp5

Your order details will appear on the right side of your screen. Keep ordering until it reaches the minimum order 😉 And then click Proceed to Checkout. If you have not registered, you will be asked to register your details.

fp6The system will send you a verification code via your phone. Once you’re done, they’ll show a page as shown below – excuse the catwang labels – had to cover my friend’s details hehe 😀

IMG_8629.PNGEnter the number on the website and your order is confirmed! Another message will be sent to you (as shown below) as the final confirmation.


And voila! You’re done. All you gotta do is wait for your food to arrive.

I was already imagining every worst scenarios (ie never getting my food, my food being sent to other place instead) but nope. I was a happy kid!

I also imagined that a panda mascot would come over to send my food (of course that won’t happen lol!) but a guy came over with his car AND MY FOOD! (Apparently he’s a UBD student doing a part time job. Cool!)


Photo courtesy of foodpanda. Please let the panda send my food next time hehehe!



Efficiency – excellent. Although the mobile app had some loading error, the fact that I have another option of ordering via the website is great. But I love the app. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I hate talking on the phone. And ordering through foodpanda is only one click away. Amazing invention for someone who is too lazy to drive around (i.e me)

Time taken to deliver food – great, as they promised to deliver it in an hour and it did. Although I ended up with another coke instead of Sprite, and extremely soggy fries but I shouldn’t complain. I should be thankful enough to have someone deliver me food LOL It’s better than not getting any at all kan?

Consistency in delivery – I have yet to try foodpanda again, on a different restaurant, whether I will get my food faster, exactly one hour or a little late. So I’m excited for this! Whose house should I go next? 😛 (Okay I think I spent on food a little too much this month. This is very very VERY worrying hahaha!)

Area/Location – needs more improvement by adding more restaurants and areas. But I know this will take time as they have just started in Brunei. So patience is virtue, dear young padawan, for you will be spoiled with more choices one day. ALSO! Good news to those who live at Mukim Liang. foodpanda is now available there (for now, only KFC). I guess it will be available in Seria one day. Oh how I wish we have this app back when I was in Shell

Nevertheless, foodpanda is an amazing application for someone who can’t be bothered to drive all the way to a restaurant just to get food. Convenience at the tip of your fingers, ya’ll.



There’s so many new cafes lately. I need a new, affordable weekend/hangout place. Also I need to start limiting my budget for my weekly foodie outing!!

High Frequency Cafe

So! A few weeks ago, I FINALLY got to try High Frequency Cafe. There’s been a lot of cafes opening around Brunei lately, so yes, I am currently hunting for the perfect cafe to hang out.

High Frequency is located in Batu Bersurat, opposite Fun Bee Park, next to Artly Design. In case you can’t find them, the signboard says “Kafe Renjis” and not High Frequency.

I went there for the first time during our “mini” reunion with my high school friends. Super mini. There was only four of us. Lol! With everyone going their separate ways, and staying all around the world, it is hard to get everyone back together!


IMG_6901.JPGFirst thing I love about this place is the interior. So tumblr-ish. And it would be nice to have my #OOTD photoshoot there lol 😛

Their wall was filled with movie posters, antiques and so on, at one point it gave the hipster-feel. And the tables and chairs are interesting too! They have different kind of tables and chairs with different heights.


IMG_6879.JPGSecond thing I love about this place is the music they played. We actually sang along to the cover songs they were playing. No worries, we were the only ones there. Haha. Oh, we went there during weekdays. I came by last week on Saturday and it was packed! So it gets a little noisy – minus point! So note to self, don’t go during weekends.

Price wise, they are more on the fancy side. So, although this place is now one of my go-to places, I can’t afford to come over every week.

Jo had Azteca d’Oro which is tea with Cacao Extract. No idea how it tastes like but it smells like chocolate. Yums! This costs $4.50 for a pot of hot Azteca d’Oro.


I had the Cream Soda – it tastes like the normal cream soda (d-uh) and I had the same thing the second time I went here. This one costs $4.


I did a research beforehand (ALWAYS do this before going to anywhere new) and I found out that they serve Mentaiko Pasta. I like mentaiko (it’s marinated roe). Mentaiko tastes a little salty and has this distinct taste (not in a bad way) but it tastes good if you eat it together with the pasta. They used angel hair pasta for this dish (which I love!). Will I go back for this? Sure, why not. But I have a lot more to try out from this place. This dish cost me $13.50 and this dish is served only from 8am to 4pm.


Jo had H.F Pan Bread with asiago and mozzarella. LOVE. I had this the second time I visited High Frequency. It costs $7.50 for 6 buns? Eat it while it’s still hot. Purrrrfect!

IMG_6884.JPGTims and Naz had the Cajun Chicken and Pumpkin Waffles ($16.50). I did not try this but it looked good so… next visit I’ll go for this! They both commented that it was super good.


The place opens from 8am to 10pm. Their address is:
1st Floor, Unit 5,
Block B, Sempurna Complex,
Batu Bersurat, Brunei

foodpanda Comes To Brunei!

One thing I hate to do the most is to talk on the phone. I dislike calling restaurants to make reservation or to order food for delivery but it seems like it’s the one and only thing everyone around me loves making me do!

So I usually fancy restaurants that provides online ordering system.

And as if my wish has been granted –  foodpanda is now in Brunei! I am sure you have seen a lot of the adverts on Facebook right?

Now what exactly is foodpanda?

foodpanda is an online food delivery portal. It operates in over 41 countries, including 15 countries in Asia. We collaborate with restaurants and bring their food to your home as per your order. The recent addition is of course Brunei and we are overjoyed that within a month we have been able to collaborate with big restaurant chains like KFC, Kenny Rogers, Burger King, Swensen’s, Papparich, Fish & Co. and lots of others. Our service is available in Bandar Seri Begawan and in the near future we will definitely be focusing on spreading the service to more cities and more areas.

The downside is that the locations are still limited BUT don’t worry, since they have just recently launched their service in Brunei, they will slowly spread their wings to more locations (my area, please!)

As for now, their service is available at the following locations: Bandar, Batu Bersurat, Berakas, Berangan, Beribi, Gadong, Kianggeh, Kiarong, Kiulap, Mata-Mata, Menglait, Rimba, Serusop, Telanai, Tumasek and Tungku.

Now, how do you use their service?

Open foodpanda Brunei’s website which is . Enter City and Area (eg Bandar Seri Begawan – Rimba) and then click “Find food now!” You will then be directed to a page containing a list of restaurants that deliver to your area. Pick the one you prefer and the available information related to the restaurant will be shown – for example the delivery fee, delivery time, min delivery price, menu, reviews and other information. Pick the dishes you want to order and then click on “Proceed to checkout”. Enter the details and click on “Place order now” and then wa-la! You are done. All you need to do is wait for the deliveryman and pay cash on delivery! Easy-peasy.
No more “No! You call them! No! I don’t want to!” (Or is that just me……….. lol!)

What? You’re not on your laptop but you are grumpy and hungry and you can’t even be bothered to get your laptop?

Yay to mobile apps! Yay! Do you know that foodpanda is available on Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store! The app works just like the website. It is definitely fool-proof and easy to use (isn’t that the whole point of their motto? Easy, fast, convenient.)


Pick your country, city and location and click Show Restaurants (or you can Log In or Create Account first. Although you can do so before you checkout). The rest of the steps are as show on the images below 😀






But remember, each restaurants have their minimum order (eg $15 above) and most of them provides free delivery. All you gotta do is check the details of the restaurant you wish to order from.

Now that I think about it… ordering food to be delivered to my Uni is even better! Especially when we are cramped with tons of assignments and going out just to get food is a hassle sometimes (so we usually end up just munching on snacks instead of proper meal 😦 )

Thank you foodpanda! Another problem of mine is solved – that makes it two problems. Or three. First, no more calling. Second, yay to delivery to school. Third, you don’t even have to go out – except to meet the delivery man.


Two weeks ago, as usual, I had my #DoubleUmmi day out. It was also to celebrate my exam result which was released that morning (Alhamdulillah for getting my very first distinctions! Got 2 Distinctions and 2 Merits!)

Since we were at Airport Mall, we decided to have our hi-tea at Matadoe. It was my first time there. Tips for you – find a table under the fan. It can get a little hot in there.

20140615-225024-82224017.jpgThis place serves both Asian and Western cuisine. Ummi had Chicken Pie – BND2.90. Did not try hers but according to her it was okay.

20140615-225025-82225522.jpgAs for me, I had a cup of cappucino (BND5.20) and Beef Lasagna (BND7.20). The portion is not huge for the price you pay but taste wise, it was nice. But it didn’t give me the “must-come-back-for-more” feelings. It was so-so. I have yet to find a place that serves good lasagna.



Nevertheless, it is quite a nice place to have hi-tea or catch up sesh. It was quite when we were there and the music was good. And I love the setting of this place.



Walnut and Burgers – Food Hunting Trip!

One last and short post on KL. We had our dinner at Burger King.

And I learned one thing from my sister. Use the salt to reduce Coke’s fizziness. Interesting. It works though. Anyone else does this?


Also went to Harrod’s to have Walnut Scones. The cashier was not friendly – I consider him as rude though. Please lah ah, I pay for my food. I deserve a “Thank You” at least. Hmph. But oh well. Not a fan of the Walnut Scones though. Too crumbly and too dry. So no thanks.