Blog moved!

Happy 2018 everyone! I have moved to the following link:




Hey girls. I’m very sorry for the late of updates. Been updating with backdated posts / videos of my stationery stuff. Anyway!

Yes, I am no longer in Microsoft. My contract ended last March. And yes, I am back to school. Continuing my degree in UTB (again, lol!) I am now taking BBus (Hons) in Marketing and Information Systems for another 3 and a half years. Currently on my semester break. First semester was amazing, btw. I’ve forgotten how hectic school is. But I am glad that I am back!

That’s pretty much it, really. I am currently active with my hobby instagram – @bwnplanneraddict so do expect more crafty stuff on this blog. Till then!

‘Tis the time

I know! I’ve been so occupied with work I barely got time for myself. I will try finishing up my long overdue travel post.. someday lol

It’s December, a couple of weeks to go before 2016 starts. No, no “new year new me” kind of thing but yes, my resolutions remain the same (every. single. year). Except that I’ve added a couple more things.

As usual – lose weight, save more cash and blog more.

I would also like to..

1. Start taking my business seriously. One of my 2015 achievements was that I have officially registered my business. No physical store yet but I am currently renting in a vendor-concept store in Jerudong (more info on @summerkissbn).

2. Take web development seriously. Currently I am half way through being an MCSD (a.k.a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer). I have two SharePoint training left to go for. Need. to. stop. wasting. my. time. LOL

3. Either get a proper career or continue getting a Degree.

Well, so far, that’s all I got. Oh! I also need to make sure I will stick to this new hobby of mine. Currently I am maintaining a hobby-based Instagram called @bwnplanneraddict . Yes ya’ll. I’ve finally take my planning hobby to the next (a little bit more expensive) side. I guess the lack of people with interest in film photography has stopped me (also because places to develop films are now limited (to two. or three).

I haven’t done any other make-up hauls – just occasionally and it’s mostly up on my personal IG. So, expect more craft-related posts starting next year on wards. planner1.PNG

So far, I’m maintaining only one BUT I have 3 planners for next year. But this shall go to a separate post.

As for food blog posts.. I have finally invested on a much-worthy camera phone. Of course iPhone still takes awesome photos. But I also bought a Lenovo Vibe Shot. So we’ll see how this goes. I’ve been having my lunch in the office lately, cooking my own (very bland) meal. Which has made me appreciate chefs more haha! It’s so hard to make good food man. Love alone will not make your food yummy!

I guess that’s all for now.. I’ll see you on my next post?

Sweet Deli Café

FINALLY got the chance to drop by. Been wanting to come over since.. months ago but I was packed with exam and my final year project. But I am freeee as a bird now so I went there with Ummi since we promised each other to go together.

I initially thought they changed the whole bakery into a café but apparently just half of it lol

First impression… the wall is so nice to take pictures with (like High Frequency, again.. haha!)


…and obviously, I did take photo with the wall, duh!


First thing first… The menu! I’m sorry if it’s not super clear, but I hope it’s readable enough. Just click to zoom Smile


I had the Ice Blended Coffee – Mocha while Ummi had Earl Grey?


I don’t remember how long it took for our food to arrive since I was so occupied updating with Ummi but both arrived at the same time.


Ummi had the toast (which I did not pay attention to what it was. Probably something with Kaya?)


and I had… wait for it… wait for it… ok kidding. I had Teh-C waffle. HOW INTERESTING IS THAT? A FREAKING TEH C WAFFLE! No, it’s not like they made the tea and use it as a batter or something, jangan bimbo HAHAHA (or aku saja bimbo?)

It’s made up of Coconut Waffle with milk tea ice cream (oh my god where can I get this???), condensed milk (on a separate jar, I love condensed milk so I poured the whole thing hahahha! Super unhealthy) and gula melaka syrup. The highlight was the ice cream. I LOOOOOVE MILK TEA OH MY GOD WHY. Oh the waffle was nice too. Crispy, not too heavy or too oily. Probably one of the nicest waffle I’ve tried so far in Brunei.

The portion is good for two people (or one.. hungry.. me) or maybe, just have it for yourself. Don’t share. It’s quite good. (Although I’m secretly hoping Dip n’ Dip will open their branch in Brunei, please… please… or maybe Sweet Deli can prepare one for me? Haha demanding!)

Enough talking, here’s the photo Smile with tongue out

10492463_10152709717063095_4510822547464069321_nWill I come back? YES. I know I am not a waffle person. But please tell me how on earth can I refuse a freaking teh-c waffle?

5 years on the road


Actually exhausted. Finally done with report – stayed at uni until around 9pm but of course, dugaan ada dimana-mana. Ink printer habis la pula! Redha je la.

Decided to just do my usual mandatory check – Facebook, e-mail and all, and when I opened wordpress, apparently today (16/4) is my blog’s 5th anniversary!

Dear blog, you’ve gone through my high and low, you’ve changed a lot from a daily (or rather a monthly) journal, to a food review and travel blog, and now you’re also a beauty blog. It’s been rough, I know. People hardly blog these days, but I appreciate all my silent readers who kept checking for updates (you know who you are!).. Recently all my blog stats are mainly on beauty reviews and my trips to Seoul. So yay to that.

I know I rarely update anymore but no one really has the time for anything anymore. Which is also a reminder to myself – to make time for myself. After exam is done, that is!

Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah. Through this blog, I’ve meet new blog friends over the years (and even became close to a few of them). And through this blog, I can look back to the past, and see how things have changed to a better position. May this blog continue to gain more traffic, continue to improve in the near future. InsyaAllah. Here’s to another 5 years and more to blogging!


20140406-205500.jpgWore red today. Bold. And it’s been a while since I last went out with makeup. So, I decided to put on a quick winged eye liner and my favorite red lipstick (Silky Girl in Vamp).

I’ve been trying to make things right, to make things how it was before. I had to keep myself busy. Got myself a part time job as a tutor – which I just found out, I enjoy teaching. Also I’ve been swamped with loads of assignments. At one point I had three to submit with additional two tests in one week. Also to a point where I ran all the way to my lecturer’s office and submitted the assignment one minute before it was due. CRAZY!

Three weeks until my exam and I’ll be done with my Semester 4. Being in final year is seriously stressing me out. I enjoy the stress but at one point, I did broke down (but of course, thanks to my girls for cheering me up).

And again, I ended up at the bad side of love. Things did not turn out well. But, I believe in qada’ and qadar. Maybe he was not the one. Or maybe he is. Biarlah. InsyaAllah, I’ll meet the one, one day. But until then, let me fix myself. Into a better person. One step at a time. InsyaAllah.

Excuse me for the ranting, but this is one of my outlet to express myself. I’ll be back with makeup and food reviews when I have the time. Until then.