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Hi guys! I know I still haven’t post anything else on Medan. So, so sorry! Anyway, as you know, I am now active in the planner community so I have decided to start making reviews and videos (yay!) Please show some support by liking, commenting and subscribing to my videos! I have no fixed schedule for video uploads yet so do subscribe to my channel!


‘Tis the time

I know! I’ve been so occupied with work I barely got time for myself. I will try finishing up my long overdue travel post.. someday lol

It’s December, a couple of weeks to go before 2016 starts. No, no “new year new me” kind of thing but yes, my resolutions remain the same (every. single. year). Except that I’ve added a couple more things.

As usual – lose weight, save more cash and blog more.

I would also like to..

1. Start taking my business seriously. One of my 2015 achievements was that I have officially registered my business. No physical store yet but I am currently renting in a vendor-concept store in Jerudong (more info on @summerkissbn).

2. Take web development seriously. Currently I am half way through being an MCSD (a.k.a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer). I have two SharePoint training left to go for. Need. to. stop. wasting. my. time. LOL

3. Either get a proper career or continue getting a Degree.

Well, so far, that’s all I got. Oh! I also need to make sure I will stick to this new hobby of mine. Currently I am maintaining a hobby-based Instagram called @bwnplanneraddict . Yes ya’ll. I’ve finally take my planning hobby to the next (a little bit more expensive) side. I guess the lack of people with interest in film photography has stopped me (also because places to develop films are now limited (to two. or three).

I haven’t done any other make-up hauls – just occasionally and it’s mostly up on my personal IG. So, expect more craft-related posts starting next year on wards. planner1.PNG

So far, I’m maintaining only one BUT I have 3 planners for next year. But this shall go to a separate post.

As for food blog posts.. I have finally invested on a much-worthy camera phone. Of course iPhone still takes awesome photos. But I also bought a Lenovo Vibe Shot. So we’ll see how this goes. I’ve been having my lunch in the office lately, cooking my own (very bland) meal. Which has made me appreciate chefs more haha! It’s so hard to make good food man. Love alone will not make your food yummy!

I guess that’s all for now.. I’ll see you on my next post?



So, it’s been.. 5 days since I turned 21.

20th had been such a crazy ride. But Alhamdulillah, I managed to pass my HND, I became one of Bill Gates’ minions, I met my boyfriend, I got offers to do food-blogging. It was an amazing year!

While I spent my 20th birthday washing my car and buying my own cake, this year was different. Lol!

So, I received a call from someone who insisted that I shopped from them and asked them to send it to my office (and being me, I tend to lose track of what I ordered online). It turned out to be Sweet Sorpresa (a service which helps people to surprise their loved ones). Boyfriend was behind the surprise! Nevertheless, I was a happy kid. Balloons, chocolates, cake! Thank you so much love ❤ (nasib belawa lol!)

surpriseAnd thank you to everyone who greeted me, and those who got me presents as well. Thank you so much! Here’s to more crazy rides ahead, insyaAllah.

Medan Day 1

So… here’s to trying to reminisce what happened in Medan way way way back in January. Why did I not do this earlier? Ugh.

Note: Picture-heavy post.

Medan is an hour flight away from KL. And I suggest you to visit Medan during non-peak season! We went there mid January so it was a little quiet.

Oh speaking of KL, before I even talk about Medan, IF you’re planning to stay overnight at the airport and if you have baggage to check-in, please make sure your hotel is NOT inside the terminal LOL!

What happened was, we only found out that our hotel is INSIDE the terminal and we have check-in baggage. Luckily the custom and security helped us out. What we did was we left our baggage in their paid locker, passed through the immigration and slept in the hotel. We checked out of the hotel during Subuh, and out of the terminal to get our bags checked-in. It was a lot of hassle! We arrived KL before midnight and our flight to Medan was early in the morning. I suggest you to stay at Tunes Hotel instead!

Anyway, we arrived at the humble airport of Medan – Kuala Namu – and waited for our driver. Luckily we had our Indonesian simcard. Turned out our driver was late as his tyre was flat. And yes, I would recommend Pak Rijal – +6285275603660 – make sure you book his service in advanced! Once you reach the airport, there will be A LOT of men offering their services as a driver. According to our driver, some are not really honest and some barely know places. Our driver has been hired by a lot of Malaysian tourists and travel bloggers. Anyway, the point is, one – book your driver in advanced, two – stay inside the airport and don’t go outside until your driver has arrived!



One thing for sure, Medan is not a place for you to shop. Yes if you like sight seeing and island hoping!

It took 4.5 hours from Bandar Medan to Lake Toba. Nope, no highway. Just small roads with A LOT of big trucks and I swear the closer you are to the lake, the scarier the road is as you have to go up and down of the mountains. Yes. MOUNTAINS. The road barely fit 2 cars so imagine an Innova and a BIG TRUCK full of loads driving across each other, and you can actually see how high up in the mountain you are at the moment. SCARY. The whole time we kept going “SubhanAllah” because we were scared – not for the weak-hearted people LOL! But the view was worth the ride!

On our way to Lake Toba we went to several pit stops. We passed by several districts along the way. One of it is Siantar. Here, we went to Paten – one of the goods producer in Medan famous for their Tang Tang, Ting Ting, Tung Tung snacks – very. yummy. Apparently the names are after her children. Cute! The shop looks like a typical, humble Chinese shop. We bought some snacks as delicious souvenirs for family and friends. The owner will give you testers and they even have special packs with all the flavours too.








And yay. She provides boxes for you as well as tapes and plastic bags. Awesome customer service Open-mouthed smile

Then we had our lunch. One special dish here is Nasi Padang – anywhere we go it’s always Nasi Padang! Usually they will serve ALL kinds of food on your table and they will only charge you what you ate. Nothing more, nothing less. I love the kerabu – my childhood maid used to make me some and I finally satisfied my crave here!


IMG_1234The main dish was… burung ruak ruak. It’s like burung puyuh but slightly chewier. No I don’t eat any kinds of birds. Only chicken. Chicken is obviously my ultimate favourite. (So obviously I made a sad face and asked for fried chicken)


Another specialties in Medan is Jus Mertabi – a mixture of markisa (passion fruit) and terung belanda.



After lunch, we continued our journey to Lake Toba. Along the way, you will see signboards saying “B1” and “B2”. B1 stands for dog meat (derived from the word Biang) and B2 is pork meat. So after Siantar, the majority are non-Muslims thus the signboards. We saw more churches after that compared to back in Bandar Medan and Siantar where there are more mosques.

When we went up the mountain, this is where the scary rides started (we got used to it on the second day. Kidding. It was still scary). You will see a lot of small coffee houses on the edge of the mountain called Panatapan – where you can enjoy a good cuppa while viewing the majestic view of Lake Toba.

Sadly, the day we arrived, it rained and fogged a little so we couldn’t do much sight seeing or go to the other island.

So we checked in into our hotel, bought a little souvenirs, ate dinner and spent the night passed out in our room because we were tired and probably had the effect of motion sickness hahaha

We stayed at Hotel Niagara, Parapat. They have wifi of course… at the lobby. So guess who stayed for an hour or two at the lobby during our stay there? HAHA! Oh, by the way, since you’re up on the mountain, the weather was very cold! We did not even turn on the fan!


Medan is a fan of lizards – it symbolizes the people, that they can live anywhere in the world and still survives.

We stayed one floor above the lobby and our balcony had the most amazing view.










I love the hotel’s architecture. And yes, our room is facing the majestic looking Lake Toba!

According to the driver, it used to be one huge volcanic mountain. It went active and blasted millions of years ago, thus creating Lake Toba. It is very huge and reaches up to 7 different districts. Well, that’s according to him. Sila refer Wikipedia hehe

Then we went for a quick shopping – which I recommend to shop at the other island instead lol



There’s a lot of dogs here (so silakan imagine Ummi trying not to attract their attention and simply stood still with scared face on. LOL!) We had our early dinner at the humble rumah makan nearby.





YAAAAAS! Jus Durian Belanda (Soursop) is a must whenever I’m in Indonesia. Same goes to Alpukat (Avocado). How I wish Avocado is cheap in Brunei –_-

After dinner, we continued sight seeing. We went to the nearby hotel (oops) for better view since it was foggy and then toured around our hotel a bit before we went back (to the lobby. for wifi. duh.)

Oh when we went up the mountain, I realized that there’s a lot of pine trees in Parapat. Combine it with the cold temperature, it felt like I was in Switzerland! It did not feel like Indonesia at all (actually my friends don’t even know where Medan is hahaha!) I should have said I was in Swiss instead Smile with tongue out









Yes, I brought my travel buddy again this time and she didn’t disappoint me!

Anyway, that’s part one and end of my Day 1 in Medan. 4 more posts! Till then Winking smile

What do you mean it’s already April??

And I thought 2015 have just started??

So, first and foremost, AMPUN! I’m terribly sorry for not updating on my Medan trip. I am very occupied.. what? With what?

Well, the thing is.. I.. GOT A JOB! Well, it’s an internship but still! I am currently under CAMP Program in BSDC – trained under Microsoft. How amazing is that? So yep. I’ll be stuck in Brunei till I graduate from CAMP. (And I am still waiting for my ITB graduation…)

We’re asked to maintain a work-blog so here’s mine: http://syahirahyakob.wordpress.com

10428716_10152899277498095_7339896534815702378_n(and here’s a photo of me in case you girls have forgotten how I look like)

So that is update Numero Uno.

What else?

Oh, update number two.. I have finally received my developed films!

IMG_0021Update number 3..

Good news: I have spent lesser on make-up. Bad news: I found a new addiction.

I have always kept a diary/planner ever since I was trained in high school. Back in A Level, I had to hunt for my own planner since they didn’t provide us one. I tried making my planner as colourful and beautiful as I can but oh dear I am no where near creative. Everyone also knows I love hoarding novels, notebooks and sticky notes. Combine sticky notes and planner together, what will you get? The first step of being a planner addict. So this year I started buying more stickers, sticky notes, pens and.. WASHI TAPES. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this earlier? Oh my god. I now have stashes of washi tapes (and more coming). And DecoRush tapes! SO. CUTE.

Wait hold on.. what is Miiksy babbling about? Let me cut this short.

Girls (and guys?), I am officially a PLANNER ADDICT. There I said it. I try not to post too much of my planner stuff on my personal IG so if you’re interested, follow me on @bwnplanneraddict


I think that’s all I have to update.

Oh food posts.. do I owe anyone any post?

Anyway, till then.


Foodpanda – Happiness in one app

I’ve posted two reviews before – here and here. Here’s another post as an update – as the previous ones were my experiences when they first opened in Brunei.

Finally got the chance to order again. Wanted to order from my house but I was at my friend’s and we were very hungry, so we might as well used foodpanda. Oh yes, I can now order from my area – there are quite a lot of restaurants available here now so yay! Kudos guys! And not only that, even those in Seria has more choices to choose from now!

So! This time I used foodpanda to order our lunch… AND dinner (because we were too busy… singing… on Ziqah’s karaoke machine lol! so we almost forgot to have our dinner). Probably our last for now. Oh my god I am starting my internship next week!

You can either use their website – www.foodpanda.com.bn – or their app available on Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Phone Store.

I love the app a lot. This was my first time ordering from the app (previously I used their website).

Why I love the app and foodpanda?

  • I think this is much easier as it saves me the hassle of having to go on my pc and whatnot. Ordering food is now as easy as 1-2-3 (eseh!)
  • Everything in the app is straight forward – just follow the instructions and walaaa you’re done. Super user friendly. As someone who dealt with Android programming before, I can tell you that it is not easy to create an app as user friendly as possible.
  • It takes you less than 5-10min to order (minus time to think of what to eat.. I could go on for hours if I were to think of what to eat)
  • Saves you the trouble of going out for lunch, or perhaps dinner, or whenever you are stuck in the office for meetings (like Ummi, who woke me up early in the morning to help her with the website… gosh, read my blog, woman! hahaha)
  • Or if you need emergency food.. for days when you forget that you’re having potluck for lunch at the office, or simply because you’re hungry
  • There are more restaurants partnering with them now = more choices for you
  • Friendly staff – the same person sent our food during lunch and dinner lol! She was so nice and friendly!


There are over 40 restaurants to choose from, for Rimba area. So we were stuck with which restaurants to choose and having to be patient with our grumbling tummy.


Until I saw Taty’s Café! OH MY GOD. How did I not know this? I’m a little addicted to their Rock n Roll burger ever since Kareshi brought me over during one of our dates. So I convinced the girls to get Taty’s hehehe!

You’ll be shown the menu once you click the restaurant’s name. And everything is categorized accordingly – smart! It makes it easier for you to choose whether you want burgers or rice or set meals.


Here’s how I ordered my favorite burger (aka how you should try ordering my most recommended burger! Yay to PB and Jam in a burger) :

Choose the dish you want to order, select add-ons if available, select the quantity and click “Add to Basket”.


When you’re done choosing, click “Basket”. You can see a lost of food you ordered, edit if necessary.


If you have a voucher to redeem, you’ll do it once you click “Place Order”. You’ll be directed to a page where you can add the voucher code and if you have not registered or logged in yet, you may do so on the page.


Once you’re done, you’ll be directed to the following page and a verification code will be sent to you via SMS. We were stuck at first.. where to fill the verification code? Last time, when we ordered via website, there was a page specific for that. A minute after that we received a pandacall~ asking if we received the code and that our order has been accepted and is currently being processed. So sit back and relax.


I was expecting it to reach in an hour like previously – but it reached us in 40 min!


We were happy kids all over again! Until… we remembered we needed dinner.

So we ordered again. Again, same method! But we went for Excapade. I know right! Excapade is on the list too! Happiness in one app!


I’m sorry, I was a little hungry so I couldn’t do pretty flat lay food photo LOL! And the lighting was definitely NOT on my side.

Oh if you ordered from foodpanda, don’t forget to enter their Instagram contest!! The grand prize is a GoPro 4! Simply do it by snapping your photo that was delivered by foodpanda (along with the brochure given), post it on your Instagram. Don’t forget to follow and tag @foodpandabrunei and hashtags #FPsnapandshare #(restaurant’s name).

I will try to schedule my travel logs in Medan as soon as possible! Been a little busy being a couch potato and now I need to prepare with waking up so early in the morning. It’s been a nice 4 months being a potato. Bye bed. I’ll miss you the most.

Flap Jack on a Sunday Morning

Miiksy and morning do not go well together. Seriously, who wakes up in the morning?! But for the love of food, I woke up and had brunch with sister.

It was my first visit to Flap Jack..Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLocation: Behind The Arch Gadong
Address: No 6 Spg 235 Jln Pasar Gadong Kg Kiarong
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 7am-10pm, Friday 7am-12pm and 2pm-11pm, Saturday 7am-11pm and Sunday 8am-3pm.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetSadly I don’t remember some of the names.. heh. Nope. I don’t function well early in the morning.

IMG_2188For starter we had Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bruschetta (B5.50)

IMG_2197I had the Breakky Crepe (B4.90) – Fried Egg and Beef Rasher with Sliced Tomato wrapped in crepe and hashbrown on the side. It comes with hot drink. Not bad but I will go for something heavier next time (and the photo on the menu actually showed two… ok fine, for illustration purposes only. Duh hahah!)

IMG_2199Sister had this (which I have totally forgotten its name!) but it’s made up of pancake and probably chicken (was it?) and topped with egg benedict (which was pretty much cooked. It should be.. liquidy, no?)
IMG_2200Nevertheless, it’s a nice place and they offer affordable breakfast (like mine) at B4.90. Shall give it another try next time.