Salam. It’s been awhile, isn’t it? I’ve lost my passion for blogging, thanks to the existence of our dear micro-blogging site, Twitter.

2011 is almost over, and I believe it’s time to reflect back to what happened this year, what I’ve achieved and whatnot.

It won’t be listed accordingly though, simply according to how.. I remember it.

2011, the year that gave me joy, gave me so much new experiences, and yes, a lot of breakdowns, happy moments. Met new people, lost some. Drama, seems like a must every year. In fact, 2011 has been a rather busy year for me, especially since I had my A Level Exam.

I will never forget the fact that I got the opportunity to be part of PTEK’s Student Council 2010/2011. Also, joining Choir club and meeting awesome people from the club, and joining the preliminary round, although we quit the final due to our exam. I’m also glad that I had the opportunity to lead Newsletter Club, although I wasn’t really a good leader, yet I am still thankful.

2011 also taught me to be thankful to everything I have, thanks to joining SMARTER’s Oddy’s Quest back in May. I now know how to appreciate things even more. I learn how to cooperate more, I learn how to communicate with the kids better. I am glad that I took part in the musical gala night, and yes, I am joining the sequel, again, as the backstage crew. Because of this, I am also now part of SMARTER PALS.

Following the night, we had an appreciation night. Although the kids were not around, spending time with the founder, the teachers, staff, volunteers and friends was worth the night.

And it doesn’t stop there, we went to their JP Outing as well! I will never end my support for SMARTER. ♥

What started all these? It was PTEK’s Sociology Charity Race for SMARTER. And that marked my first contribution to SMARTER.

I also went for a trip to JAPEM and Pusat Bahagia! Another fun experience, to be honest.

2011 also marked the year I started to be extra conscious with my body. I lost several kilos, and joined a walkathon, HSBC Walk Run Cycle as well as Standard Chartered’s Fun Run on my birthday.

I also made a new hobby. I now own a Diana Mini En Rose and you can see my albums on facebook – if you have mine – album 1, album2, album 3. I plan to buy a FishEye 2 Pink, InsyaAllah in 2012.

What’s 2011 without my birthday? Yes, I turned 17 this year. And I have about less than 7 months until my 18th.. until I’m finally legal! Had a surprise party by the girls -LMJ.

2011 also marked the 1st birthday for Waiz. And kid you not, he had two parties! First party and Second Party.

And what’s 2011 without a little adventure? Us girls went to Bandar, and spent the day there. We only got to visit our very own Royal Regalia. I hope there will be a part two in this adventure. One day.

And to be honest, the highlight of 2011 is… winning. I won five times this year. BruneiTweet+HSBC Photo Competition for the HSBC WRC, brunch vouchers at Season’s from UBDfm, BMobile goodies from UBDfm, BMobile Recharge Card for BMobile Twitter Competition and… recently, a Mini Chopper, the grand lucky draw I got during Jumanji’s Annual Appreciation Day.

I also got the opportunity to work alongside my Media and ICT Team during the 46th SEAMEO Council Conference and 6th ASED Ministers Meeting Cultural Night.

I was also featured in motivationmy’s website! And… my favorite blogger’s blog, The Asian Bimbo!

I also went to Jerudong International School to attend Shakespeare Day (album by Jeah). It was an honor! I love Shakespeare, to be honest. And yes, I own the complete edition of his artwork!

I was also in a play, alongside my Literature classmate, performing The Importance of Being Earnest. I screwed up the first part.. Everything went well but not the last act though. We successfully screwed up the last part. HAHAHA. It’s my first play after years not acting. I was definitely active acting back when I was part of Brownies.

Despite the fact that I’m no longer in high school doesn’t stop me from meeting my girls. We had about three gathering this year, or was it two? I’m looking forward to meet all of them again. Soon, InsyaAllah.

2011 also marked the year where I crossed off another thing from my bucket list. Going for audition. Lynnie and I went for the audition. Sure, we didn’t make it to the final, but I’m glad we had the courage to do it (although we did it twice) and we did Korean song! And no practice at all. Just a quick one in the car.

Although I wasn’t really a Kpop addict, only liking the song, and fangirling over SHINee.. it changed this year. Lynnie made me a total fangirl, especially over INFINITE. And yes, I still love SHINee.. and MBLAQ, but to be honest, I’m head over heel over INFINITE. So, I’ve been spending most of my days listening to their songs, watching their shows and such.

As much as I would like to think I’ve had only joyful things going on, I know I can’t deny the fact that many dramas had conquered me completely. Like.. finally getting in touch with my long lost bestfriend who ended up ditching me again. It was hard for me to take at first, but I guess I’m over it. It’s time to move on.

I also broke my iPod. Which is not even a year old.

And.. if you read my previous posts, yes I was in love. I thought after taking a break after 3 years, maybe I should give it a try again. I guess I was wrong. Love is blind after all. And that, I shall leave all that behind, along with all my 2011 memories.

2012, may it be a better year for me, for all of us. 

Although I promised myself to blog more in 2012, I know I can’t keep the promise. Even my January is already packed with a lot of travelling, wedding and rehearsal with SMARTER for Oddy’s Quest II.

I’m excited. I wonder what 2012 will bring me 🙂

I guess that’s enough for now. And sorry for lack of pictures.

Loads of love,



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